Heart beat Phone that inflates and deflates – Whole new Concept Phone

Concept Phone designer Sang-hoon Lee has come up with an imaginative concept phone called Heart Beat Phone. The Heart Beat phone will inflate and deflate just like a human heart when it receives an incoming call or reception! According to the concept phone designer, there will be different form of notifications in the future apart from sound and vibration that is prevalent now. Accordingly, he envisages that one of the notification form could be a inflation and deflation mimicking the human heart beat! Take a look at the concept phone in pictures below!





In his own words: “In the future, there will be various forms of reception method instead of sound or vibration. Perhaps a mobile phone will soon become one’s second avatar to express the person. Accordingly I Propose as follows: This mobile phone will notify the reception like a human heartbeat of inflating and deflating. Furthermore, it can notify the person’s emotional state with heartbeat, which can also be sent to the other person. The mobile phone icons that are in hemoglobin or water drop shape will change in their sizes on a transparent window according to how often they are used, and clicking the icon will pop and execute it. When the mobile phone is grabbed, the icons will pop out in the middle through multi-tasking function.”


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