Harman Kardon CL Review

When it comes to really good sound then, Harman/Kardon is a name by itself. Thus, the line of headphones by the company is also well acclaimed. Let’s look into the headphones from the company that simply called Classic or CL, which also features simple and sleek, minimalist design. xl_HarmanKardonCL_2_624Design and features As simple as its name, the Classic has a very minimalistic design approach. It has rectangular earpieces that are covered with smooth black plastic on the exterior giving a classy feel. The interior of each earpiece has a black leather cushion with a window cut out for the CL’s 40mm drivers. Each earpiece rotates almost 360 degrees on its hinge, allowing comfortable use and storage. The CL’s cable features an iOS-friendly, three-button mic, and gold-plated connectors. Fit and comfort The extremely light frame of the Harman Kardon CL makes it seem to be fragile, but gives an extremely comfortable fit. You can just wear it and forget about its existence apart from its great sound. The ear pads cushions the ears perfectly after some minor adjustments. The CL has a suspended leatherette band that can adapt to various head sizes with ease lending comfort, in other words absolutely fit foe long wears. Audio performance Try any track and any device, and the one thing you will notice about this headphone is its immaculate balance and detail. The CL provides outstanding sound quality giving a very satisfying listening experience. With this pair of headphones you just love to listen to music for hours. The Harman Kardon CL provides wide stereo field, crisp clarity and balance that will enable you to take note of every small details of the music. The CL’s 40mm drivers gives out deep and well-refined bass that’s really perfectly balanced as well. The CL’s midrange is its highest plus point. The crisp midrange of the CL will make every kind of music seem to sparkling water. It emphasizes the granular texture of various instruments giving a crisp sound effect. The only thing that you could put your finger to and in the wish list for this great pair of headphones, is a bit more of a special, three-dimensional effect. However this minor lack could be seen in many headphones of its kind and the CL wins hands down on others owing to its great sound quality as well as its exceptional comfort. As a whole, the headphones can be safely rated excellent. Conclusion The Harman Kardon CL is an amazing set of headphones that has the perfect amalgamation of the classic yet modern simple styling that also provides outstanding comfort. As far as sound quality is concerned, the CL wins over many others on the same level and price tag. In few words, it has all the great qualities that a good pair of headphones should have namely, sleek simple looks, luxurious comfort and super sound quality. Thus, if you are looking for great fit, comfort and awesome sound then, get your hands on these pair of headphones from Harman/Kardon. As for the company, it has done excellent right on its first release of headphones and shows that simple, classy looks can win over a world that is currently dominated by flashy designs.

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