Hands-free Fruit Ninja Game soon with Eye Sensor Technology at MWC 2013

A German Company Called Natural User Inter Action (NUIA) garnered much attention at the Mobile World Congress for its software designed for developers of apps making it easier to code apps which use eye tracking sensors. Using this software the developers task becomes much reduced requiring only one extension to be written even in case of multiple sensing devices for instance eye control and gesture recognition and so on. hands free fruit ninja app gameFruit Ninja, is a game that works on gestures to a greater extent than Tobii, which was seen at the CES Show 2012 and CES 2013. While Tobii allows for commands like zoom and selection of objects it cannot manage swipe of flying fruit. App developers in anticipation of this new software by NUIA will have to await a launch of hardware supporting the software by the Company first. A spokesperson for NUIA informed that hardware releases will be held off until sensing devices like Tobii are integrated into Windows 8PC’s. This is an intelligible move, judging on the basis of market base and consumption. On the other hand, Tobii does not seem to have any intention of making this sought for integration take place in this year. Much like the setup process seen for Tobii at the CES shows, NUIA also dictates precise positioning of distance from the camera of the laptop for it to pick up motion to enable calibration of eye movements. The entire process is quick, prompt and simple without any hiccups requiring repeated efforts. As for any motion eye sensor technology, it is a lot more difficult to strike and hack fruit using the eyes, than the fingers. To get the most response, it is important to keep your torso still while focussing and controlling eye movements to commit all the bludgeoning. This new technology meters up to the mark, and delivers exactly what the Company stated it would. Like every other new addition in technology it takes time getting used to, but is one of the success that will manifest in tomorrow.

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