Gujarat Bans Mobile Phones In School, Colleges

The Gujarat government has banned the use of mobile phones in schools and colleges. The Education department of the state said the ban has been imposed to curb excessive use of mobile phones among the students, which according to the ministry, is spoiling educational activities in schools and colleges. Students up to Class XII will not be allowed to take mobile phones inside the school premises. taber_no_cell_phones_allowed Moreover, the state has also announced that teachers, staff, parents and visitors will be banned from using phones where educational activities take place, such as classrooms, libraries and laboratories. In college campuses too, the use of cellphones is banned for students, staff, faculty, parents and visitors. But, they can carry the mobile phones with them. The government has also requested principals of schools and colleges to keep landline facilities ready for student and staff to make urgent calls, as well as a system where messages received on such phones would be conveyed to them.

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