Government of India will track you whenever you use mobile phone!

Looks like Government of India wants to monitor all mobile phone users across the country on a real-time basis. This ambitious plan was originally broken by Express India today. Apparently, Express India has received few documents which details about this proposal. The highlights about the same are mentioned below:

* From May 31st 2012, Telecom operators in India will have to share the users’ location including latitude and longitude on a real-time basis to the DoT.

* Initially, these details should be shared by the telecom operators on specific mobile numbers required by the Indian government. Going forward, these details should be made available for all mobile phone users in the country!

* By 2013, 60% of the calls in urban areas should be tracked with an accuracy of 100 meters.

* By 2014, 75% of the calls in urban areas and 50% of calls in suburban areas should be tracked.

* After that, calls made within 300 meters from the nearest tower will have to be tracked with an accuracy of 95%.

* Department of Telecommunications is also setting up an Centralized monitoring system to tap on mobile phones!

We are definitely heading towards an interest era of privacy intrusion, constant surveillance!

There are definitely some benefits with this real-time tracking when it comes to tracking criminals, stolen mobile phones etc.,!

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