Government of India can tap on mobile phones without operator knowledge

Government of India can now officially tap on to your mobile phones and listen to your conversations without the knowledge of you as well as the mobile operator! You may be under impression that all this was possible till now. Apparently, the phone tapping was done only on fixed line connections so far. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) along with the central government have been working for the past one year to make this mobile tapping possible (reports hindu). Currently, test runs are being conducted in the National capital region including Gurgaon and Delhi. The fully functional system may take another 12 months to become stable and production ready!

Three units are jointly working on this: Department of Telecommunication’s Telecom Enforcement, Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) and Resource and Monitoring Cell (TREM) and a total of 170 crores is allocated towards this project!

DoT will set up servers to monitor the conversations. The servers will be deployed at state level. The server requirements will depend upon the subscriber base on the respective states.

How Phone-tapping works now? In the current system, any intelligence unit wanting to tap a phone should approach Union Home ministry for approval and clearance. After receiving the nod, the units should approach the telecom operators to tap a connection. This process is time-consuming, cumbersome and well defeats the purpose of phone tapping. The concerned party may well be alarmed in advance during the delayed timeframe.

In the proposed system, DoT will have full control over the mobile tapping and does not require any clearance from centre or from mobile operator!

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