Government disconnects 28,000 telephones, issues 45,000 notices for violating norms on unsolicited calls and SMSs

The government at the center has taken the strict step in disconnecting nearly 28,000 telephones. It also has issued almost 45,000 notices till April 24 to those telemarketers that are unregistered and yet have been making calls and sending SMSs to private numbers. They have been covered under violation of  TRAI’s(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) rules on unsolicited sms and calls. Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal has informed Parliament said, “The government is aware that several calls and SMSs are being sent from private numbers, 44,810 notices have been issued to unregistered telemarketers and 27,984 telephones have been disconnected till April 24, since inception of the regulation.” According to the regulation if a UCC (unsolicited commercial communication) comes from a person who is not an officially registered telemarketer then that person’s phone service will be given a disconnection notice. On repeating the offense the phone service will be disconnected by the service provider. The telemarketers that are registered with TRAI can be identified by their  allocated numbers that are in series ‘140’. For the user pestered with such unwanted calls can register with the NCPR( National Customer Preference Register) to either block  all communication of commercial nature by taking up ‘Fully Blocked’ category, or opt for the ‘Partially Blocked’ option that lets the user receive only those  SMSs whose category he chooses. Also the regulation permits sending of 200 SMSs a day per SIM in order to curb the practice of sending countless SMSs by private number. These regulations were issued by TRAI on December 1, 2010. All the rules were to come in force from 27 September, 2011. In case of regulations being violated TRAI has recommended a penalty of  Rs.25,000 to Rs.2.5 lakh. So finally there is going to be a stop to those unwanted telemarketing calls that spoiled your afternoon nap.
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