Google’s Strong Foothold in Mobile World Congress

Google has become a common figure in Mobile World Congress ahead of popular icons of twisty slide, colourful pins and free ice cream sandwiches. Google chrome has stunning versatility that can open files at a faster pace than earlier versions. Google has gone a long way to introduce amazing engines. The company has held meetings with the press, vendor and many partners. The company is not a promoting medium. Google has introduced the stealthlike approach at the Mobile World Congress which portrays a new strategy under the popularity of wireless industry. Hiroshi Lockheimer According to Hiroshi Lockheimer, Vice President of engineering in charge of Android, ‘’If you move around the halls, there is a display of many Android devices. We felt like the partners have lots to describe about their products. We are here to interact with people and don’t have preferences for any brand.’’ Google’s non presence during the show is not a reflection of the unpopularity of Google and Android. There was a report in The Wall Street Journal that there is huge competition between Google and Samsung. Samsung outstood other gadgets by introducing the popular and successful Galaxy S4 which is the premier Android phone. Many of the big players were Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to ZTE Grand Memo that operates on Android, there were other players of Firefox, Tizen and Ubuntu. The most popular device is Android. With respect to market share in the fourth quarter, Android contributed to 70.1% of shipped smartphones, according to IDC Apple contributed 21%. Google hosted the annual Android party, which is one of the most popular events at Mobile World Congress. This year’s events witnessed Florence and the Machine and Tinie Tempah rocked a trendy club in Barcelona and Lockheimer quotted that Google used up the money this year on party. Last year Google introduced a series of amazing Android phones that overwhelmed the crowd.

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