Google working on Maps app for iOS

Apple has ditched Google Maps app from its iOS 6, but it is learned Google is revamping the app and will seek for Apple’s approval after the re-work is done. ajpple maps app No official statement has been received yet by Google as to when the new Google Maps app for iOS 6 will arrive. The big question also remains the same whether Apple will approve the revamped Google Maps app for its latest mobile operating system. Besides, Apple has also launched its own Maps app for its iOS and is on the way of promoting it big time. This may doubt whether Apple will really approve Google’s Maps application. Well, in two days of the release of iOS 6 the Maps app of Apple has received enough criticism. It has misguiding locations, wrong icons and more errors. Moreover, several features of the Maps are not available for many parts of the world. Though the level of Apple Maps app is much below than that of Google’s Maps app, but the iPhone maker confirmed soon to be coming up with solution to the errors and also is planning big for it. Apple released iOS 6 on September 19 and its much awaited iPhone 5 hit the shelves in U.S. and Australia yesterday. By this year-end it is expected to reach India too with about 100 more countries.

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