Google Voice Android Wi-Fi calling app

Wi-Fi calling apps are growing fast and furiously. Wi-Fi calling itself is great for video chatting anywhere to anywhere, that’s why the new tablets and smartphones have given us better front facing camera. google-voice-logo Companies are fighting each other by trying to bring in a various combination of benefits with calling apps. Some give you only voice only calling, some that plus video calls, or both. And others offer photo transfer, and group chat. These are all good, however limited in their features, others have snags and functional issues. Some apps, use the services of others, making it an app + app scheme. However here’s an app that’s been here a while although it hasn’t been revamped by its maker. We are talking about Google Voice. Hugely popular, Google Voice does well even on tablets. With Google Voice you can coordinate well by synchronizing text messages, missed calls, voice mails, and contacts over multiple devices. What’s better, is that the same number can be used on a range of devices. So therefore, you can do more than just texting, you can even make calls from any phone with a Wi-Fi connection. Google Voice has been popular for over five years now. Back in 2007 Google Voice was previously known as Grand Central. The initial attraction was that a single phone number can be used for home, work, and cell phone. The service rapidly did well, and today is even better for use over multiple platforms.  The benefit of using the same number at any time anywhere is the best feature of Google Voice. Sadly enough, Google has not given Google Voice the focus it needs to reinvent and update this as per the time. Inhibitions faced by Google to do this may have something to do with the unwillingness of service providers to support this app. This app is also restricted only to the United States and is pretty outdated.
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