Google upgrades Google Currents app to give more news options

Google Currents, a social news reading application and an affiliate to Google, has been upgraded. This is to provide easy way to find breaking news on mobile phones. Users can browse content from varied news sources from one app. google currents app The Google Currents app got lot of interests for publishers who are seeking auto-formatting solution. This app made its first entry just a little over a year and today it has been upgraded to version 2.0, but only for Android platform. With this there comes whole lot of improvements. With Google Currents upgraded app users now gets an Edition sidebar for speedy and easy scrolling based on genres and also for swiping upwards for in- Edition scrolling up and downwards to navigate to the “titles”. There is a custom filter too for highlighting sections of interest and saving the selected news. Google News-curated breaking news segment is awesome as well as a brand new catalogue design is to be noted in it. The other similar apps are Pulse, Flipboard and Zite.

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