Google updates Google+ for Android app boosting Hangouts option

Google updated its Google+ app for Android on Wednesday. The Google+ for Android 3.1.1 version of the application now allows joining and creating Hangouts on the go. google-mobile-hangouts With the latest update, the Search giant brings the capability of joining Hangouts as well as creating one from mobile devices. More to this, one can join Hangouts on Air public events, which means streaming of video calls with people from around the world and not only to close group of friends as before. Hangouts on Air was unveiled in May this year and it features recording of Web video chats and uploading it automatically to YouTube channel of users, adding YouTube link to Google+ Hangout post. The update is made only on Android platform but Google spokeswoman assured an iOS update is arriving soon. Apart from this new feature, Google now also allows teen to access the Hangouts feature on their Android as well as iOS devices. There are other minor updates too on the Google+ app like shortcuts for post creation, floating timestamp in the photos view, Instant Upload bug fixes for improving performance on the iOS device and the ability to report abuse in Events. More to all these, an important update now is iOS users can open shared Web links on Chrome. The Google+ apps for Android and iOS are available free on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store respectively.

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