Google updates Gmail app for iOS, Android

Google has updated its Gmail app for Android and iOS platforms. It has added some new needed features for Android users and iOS-based device owners can enjoy a completely new Gmail experience with a sleek new look. gmail The update is Gmail 4.2.1 app for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system and above, and it brings features like pinch-to-zoom, auto-fit messages according to the screen size and swipe to delete or archiving particular email message to save time while deleting. The pinch-to-zoom feature has been in demand for long. Also, the photo attachments will be shown with large previews in the mail inbox as gallery view and users will be able to attach photos and videos from within the app itself. Moreover, several bugs have also been fixed with this update. Google said about 27.5 per cent of total Android users own ICS-based devices. The updated app can be downloaded from Google Play store. It is learned the Gmail update for iOS has been inspired from third-party app like Sparrow. It has new look and feel, and it is also now much cleaner and attractive. The search box in it has predicting feature and it also auto-completes input made by users as it is seen in the web app. Also, the calendar items can now be responded from within mails. More to all these, the app supports multiple Google accounts, facilitating sharing it with others, or switching between personal mail and work mail. The app can be downloaded from iTunes.

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