Google updates Drive app for iOS, Android

Now it will be possible for Google users to do real-time editing of Google Drive documents on their Android and iOS mobile phones. The Web giant has just updated its Google Drive apps for the two mobile platforms. google drive With the update now users can edit spreadsheets from within the application. The quick edits function will work seamlessly without any lags on the mobile phones, giving more freedom to people for sharing spreadsheets for business purposes in much real-time. Users can now be able to edit an already existing spreadsheet file, switch on to different fonts, sort data, re-size columns and more. The control with mobile phone is also faster and better with this update. The update for iOS allows checking of recent uploads and copy-pasting within a doc in rich text. Now it offers better speed and stability as well as improved contact search for sharing. The Android update v1.1.470.11 helps editing spreadsheets in new native editor and formating the copy-pasting withing the app. A single tap will henceforth allow to enter edit mode and it also now features bringing shortcut of the Google Drive files/folders to homescreen. Users can also copy the links to the clipboard from ‘send link’ feature. Users can get the update from Google Play application on Android devices and from iTunes application for iDevices. For some time Google has been consistently integrating its Drive with other products, and very recently it has also updated it allowing uploading of files/folders of up to 10GB in Gmail messages. More to this, it has added support for sharing Google Drive files on Google+ social platform too.

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