Google updates Calendar app for Android

Do you fail to remember birthdays, anniversaries or any other important dates which are not to be missed? Well don’t be worried any more. Google will alert you. Google calendar app Google Calendar app will henceforth show you all the interactive notification and will also help you call or visit maps straight away from within the app. The search giant has recently updated its Calendar app exclusively for Android devices. It is filled with some new improvements for notifications. The app was recently segregated from its native applications and Google has been working on its updates for last one month. Users will now find the Calendar app a great instrument and in fact it will be a good source for those who are suffering from amnesia. Why? Because the Calendar app will alert you of the coming personal important events. This Calendar application introduced by Google also serves a completely brand new set of notifications. This app is such that the users will be permitted to call from the very notification itself. On the other hand, if the notification has a certain description about a particular destination, then users may also examine Google Maps straight away. There is another offer given by this Calendar app. While creating an event, this Calendar app will now permit the users to add destination quickly to the event with destination suggestion feature. Users may now speedily create an event from the present month itself. So would you like to be part of this Calendar app and be appreciated by your loved ones for remembering important events of their lives? Download this new Google Calendar app from the Google Play Store.

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