Google updates Android Search app

Google has updated its Search app for Android operating system. Now the searched results are much faster than before on your Android tablets and smartphones, and it is more interactive too for better understanding in one click. google-search-app In its official blog post the search engine giant said Google Android Search app is now much more improved to provide quick answers that include better understanding for what user is searching. Google added the searched results are now more relevant. Google explains with an example that if a user searches for flight status now, the searched result will also include a flight progress indicator. More to this, the departure and arrival times of the flights will be displayed in larger font than normal to help quick viewing on mobile device. The searched results will be more detailed and more interactive now. If a user is looking for weather in Mumbai, the app will also show humidity of the city, its temperature as well as expected weather in next few hours. The information can be seen just above the usual search results. Google says other searches such as measurement, weather calculator, conversion, local time, dictionary definitions etc. will also show results in the same interactive and detailed manner. Currently the update is only implemented for English searches. The other languages will be added soon, says search giant.

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