Google Updated Gmail App for Android

Google just updated its Gmail Application for iOS platform and now Gmail for Android is also received an update with bug fixes and all. This update for Gmail Android application is mainly for Ice Cream Sandwich operating system using devices. Before this android update of Gmail App it wasn’t running pretty good on 7 Inch tablet devices. Now after the update 7 Inch devices are working perfectly fine with it. This update for android app is for fixing the bugs and its performance is also increased. If you want to download the updated app then follow the given link in the bottom of the article.

Gmail for Android Update

Gmail is a most widely used internet mail service. There are many users are there using the Gmail App on their Android devices like me and this update really helped me a lot. There were few bugs in this app before its recent update. These bugs are now fixed by Google for Gmail Android app. If you are using a 7 Inch tablet then your experience of using Gmail Android app will be surely increased. You should totally check out the updated app for Android 7 Inch devices. Gmail Android app allows you to use multiple accounts for better mail checking and composing. Google recently updated Gmail App’s iOS version and now with this update Android users can also explore it in a new way. The scrolling and animations are improved to provide you quality mailing features on your Android devices. So overall this update is including better performance for 7 Inch devices and many bugs are also fixed. This update is just after a few weeks after Google provided Google Nexus 7 inch tablet for Android market. Download Link – Updated Gmail Android App
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