Google to shut sync for BlackBerry from June 1 this year

Google has been closing down some of its products in a bid to provide more centralized services and to merge some other of its services and offerings. This year the products to be closed are Google Sync for the BlackBerry. Also Google Flu Vaccine Finder and Google Related would be shut down. Last year the products closed were Google Buzz, Picnik and Google Wave. Google Sync application for BlackBerry phones will close after 1st of June this year. However those already using this service can continue to avail it but new users will not get this service. 6241_2 “If you currently use Google Sync for BlackBerry, we encourage you to switch to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server going forward. These alternatives offer a better overall experience, as you can sync your email messages, calendar and contacts through a single service,” Google has advised. Google will also be closing down the online version of the mobile Google Talk client for smartphones and tablets. For those who want to continue using Google Talk on mobiles, can use the same Google Talk application on Android or on applications like  Nimbuzz, Fring that are  XMPP-based applications. Google has been closing down various services for  BlackBerry mobiles. Last year in November, Google closed Gmail  for BlackBerrys that made users access Google mail through another application. Google now finds BlackBerry services unimportant and hence has started closing them. But there will always be other alternative for BlackBerry users.

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