Google to halt online sale of Nexus One

What comes as a major indication of the search giant’s discontinuation of its much-hyped smart phone, Google on Friday announced on its official blog that it had received the last shipment of Nexus One from HTC, and that the phone would no longer be sold online after these are sold out. However, it also mentioned that Google’s European partner Vodafone, Korean telecom giant KT and partners in other countries would continue selling Nexus One; and it would provide customer support. Google will also sell the phone to developers through partners, indicating that it would continue being the benchmark for Android development. nexus_one Earlier, Google CEO Eric Schmidt had earlier announced that the Nexus One was a huge success but there were no plans to release a successor to the phone. Experts feel that there could be a number of reasons behind this move. Many believe that Google experimented with the idea of selling a phone without involving a carrier (service provider), which did not meet with a good response. Another reason could be Google’s inability to market hardware and the fact that it wanted to partner with companies like HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson to catalyze the growth of Android and instead, it ended up competing with them. Fans of the Nexus One will definitely be disappointed, as speculation is abuzz that the phone is nearing its end after a short span of just six months. The phone will continue to be the only Android handset to be on Froyo (Version 2.2), till HTC and Motorala roll out their updates, later this year.

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