Google Sold Motorola Set-Top Business

The biggest Search Engine, Google has decided to sell Motorola’s Set-top business to a little known US Cable manufacturing Company named Arris. Arris works from Georgia and manufactures voice and data peripherals that are used in cable TV Networks. The Motorola’s Set-top business was a part acquisition which Google had earlier had in this year.

As per the reports, Google will get $2.05 billion in cash and around Arris’ shares of about $300 million which will be around 15.7% of company’s stake.

Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside stated “The industry faces its biggest technology transformation, and together ARRIS and Motorola will be able to accelerate related innovations such as the introduction of the IP Connected Home environments that service providers need and that their consumers crave.”

Arris believes that Motorola’s Set-Top business can create revenues up to $3.4 billions. This deal will lessen some burden from Google.

Motorola’s Set top boxes were never a part of concern to Google, However it provided it services on TV to generate revenue in the form of advertisements
Earlier this year year Google tried to show some interest for TV Connected devices and launched the Nexus Q, which was a gadget for streaming video using Internet services.But It came as a big failure and Google ended Nexus Q’s market.

Motorola’s Smartphone and Tablet manufacturing business will still be a part of Google, although rumors are coming that its affecting Google’s balance sheets.

Google had spent about $12.5 billions to acquire Motorola’s Mobility in may 2012 making it the biggest acquisition ever done in history.

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