Google shuts official GTalk mobile web app

Google is good at starting new projects as well as shutting down the existing ones. Over a period of past one year it has pulled plugs from dozens of its services, and now it decides to do the same with GTalk mobile web app. Though not fully, but only an app part of it. google-talk Google representative Katherine G wrote on Google Chat support today, “We are shutting down the mobile web app for Google Talk.” She said mobile users can now use it by using the native Google Talk app on Android platform or any XMPP-compliant apps on iOS or other mobile platforms. GTalk is one of the most used Instant Messaging services in the industry and it is used by Google account holders, usually Gmail users. Till now the Web search giant was offering the service for mobile users as a mobile web app. However, it is not only stand-alone app for Apple iOS based devices. With the shutting down of the app, Google is suggesting its users to opt for any XMPP open technology using apps for any mobile platforms. It also mentioned on the blog the company is working hard on new updates on chat and the features will be exciting for sure. As of now, Apple iOS and other mobile OS platforms need to rely on apps like Nimbuzz, IM+, Fring, etc. for Google Talk on mobile device. Well, one thing is sure that Google is working on GTalk mobile app for different platforms. Do drop lines in below given comment box with your own views about this surprising pulling away of app for Google Talk.

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