Google showcases interesting apps for Glass; Evernote, Gmail, NYT and Path present

Google has unveiled the first set of apps available on Glass. This successful and most sought after search engine has displayed apps for The New York Times, Evernote, Path and few important apps such as search, translation and Gmail. According to information from The Verge reported from the Project Glass developer panel at SXSW Interactive that the apps signal at the UI direction Google about talks with Glass. 350693 Google has worked on four design principles to develop as guidelines when working on apps for Glass. The four design principles are ‘’design for Glass’’, ‘’don’t get in the way,’’ ‘’keep it timely’’ and shun the unexpected.’’ Google is aware of the presence of a constantly beeping HUD on your person can be tedious and is keen of generating limited amount of information. The NYT app can be downloaded to ensure only breaking news will be available. Gmail can be set to only display notifications for important e-mails hence it would be a good method to use Priority Inbox constantly and adjust it for Glass. Once a notification is showcased, the content can be read to the user in the instance of an alert from Gmail or Path, through which users can reply only from Glass. With the introduction of these apps, you can control them through head gestures, voice commands and touchpad input. One example is if you look up while browsing through New York Times app it will showcase information about headlines, photos and story text. When you tap on the touch panel, yoy will observed text-to-speech function and the app will release news articles to you. When you swipe on the side touchpas, you will observe apps such as the Evernote or Path. The app appears neat and straightforward to take Google design philosophy to a new level and add new rules. The guidelines display a crisp idea of the range of apps to expect. The new apps will heighten the already popular Google to an elevated level for professional purposes.

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