Google Play Store now having 700000 apps, same as Apple iTunes Store

Google has a moment to celebrate here because Google Play Store is now having same amount of application just like Apple iTunes Store. According to CNet Google confirmed that play store now have total 700,000 applications for Android users. Last month Google confirmed for 675,000 applications and now it crossed over it. If we talk about all of the famous app stores for smart devices, then Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store are having same amount, where Microsoft’s Windows Store is having only 120,000 applications for Windows Phone OS powered devices.

Google Play Store

Apple is in the smartphone market with its iOS from a long time now but Google launched Android few years back. So its quite surprising that Google App Store is having same amount of apps just like Apple iTunes Store. For your information guys, Apple has a strict policy of checking the applications of the developers to put on iTunes Store, where Google is kind of normal on this issue. Apple iTunes Store is having less useless applications than Google Play Store [well don’t mind because it’s just our view on this issue.] Google Play Store is having all types of applications for Android devices from categories like, Games, Music, Reading, Social, Location, lifestyle and business etc. Developers have option of putting their apps on play store for free or with a price tag. Recently Google added India in the list of supporting countries for Google Wallet Payments on Play store. So Indian users are now able to put a price over their application for Android, earlier they were only allowed to publish free apps. Source
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