Google Play Store gets in-app subscriptions

// <![CDATA[ \x3C/script>'); } // ]]>Google has made billing of the applications easy for the users by introducing  in-app subscriptions for the Google Games and Apps market. Google already supports  in-app billing for the Android Market since last year. The update is being released to Google Play 3.5 or its higher version.
Now users can use the in-app billing and activate the in-app subscriptions from inside their applications. The subscriptions taken by the users for every application and even games will necessarily be auto-renewing which means that they will be renewed automatically after the expiry of its validity until the user decides to stop using that particular app or game. The app from now on will show the subscription options of the Play store with all the billing details. Renewal time and billing intervals will also be given. Play store will make sure that the users are aware of any changes made in the billing, renewal time or the charges of the apps. Emails will be sent to user after every successful renewal. According to Google  developers will benefit from this facility as they will be able to sell entry to games levels, music, videos, bundled products, any digital matter and also value added services. They can also establish a legal tender for dynamic content like the magazines and journals. The access to these in app subscriptions  can be extended to other platforms through Android applications. Glu mobile is implementing these changes made by Google in releasing the updated versions of its Android apps that will include Frontline Commando. The subscriptions offered here will be through customized VIP currency packs. Google's move will ensure easy billing option for users and more profits and enhanced business for developers. A very win-win situation indeed.
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