Google plans more web security, acquires Virus Total

Google has stepped into anti virus segment to offer its customers more virus free internet service in future. It has acquired Virus Total anti virus. google The Web giant has acquired this online virus scanning tool and service and dedicated a team of its security experts to it in a try to make the web a better place. The Google and Virus Total partnership is learned to be of long term relationship, and probably the search giant is on plan to do something big with this new business. As of now there has been no information received either by Google or any other source as to what benefit users will get with this new partnership. Well, it is assumed some super exciting offers will do come in near future from Google with Virus Total. For some time Android mobile operating system of the search giant has been suffering security attacks by malware. Incorporation of the Virus Total may enhance security of it. Also, the anti virus may even be employed to safeguard Google Play store similar to Google Bouncer. We will soon find out what Google will offer to users based on this security tool. Do share your views and do come back.

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