Google officially acquires Motorola Mobility appointing Dennis Woodsid as CEO

Will the word be correct if I say a new term ‘Googorola’? Well, not sure whether this word will be ever used, but just now search engine giant Google made an announcement of the completion of acquisition of Motorola Mobility, though we waited months for this. Motorola-Mobility-and-google-logo Google CEO Larry Page announced they have officially taken over Motorola Mobility. In August this year Google made an announcement of its plans of acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. Regulatory hurdles were cleared both in U.S. as well as in European Union to get the deal done. Though EU approved in February but the wait was due to China, and the communist country approved it over the weekend paving way for search giant to close it. Motorola Mobility’s CEO Sanjay Jha will be stepping down and Dennis Woodside, the President of Americas region for Google, is to be appointed as the new CEO. Many mobile and tablet makers feared the acquisition would make Google to favor Motorola over its products, but the search giant made it clear that Android operating system of it would be left open for at least five years and it won’t be favoring Motorola over its other partners such as Samsung. The question why did Google acquire Motorola Mobility got no concrete answer so far, but many believes it is due to its patents. However, Google has mentioned that Motorola will be operating independently. On Motorola Mobility part the deal proved to be a perfect financial sense. It was not the leading vendor for Android and also earlier it had faced several troubles against Apple.

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