Google Nexus 5 review in pics

“The Google Nexus 5 is a lot of phone for the money and changes the game for rivals” 

Value for money is a concept that holds different meanings for different individuals, but here’s a device that offers the maximum bang for the buck no matter which way you look at it. From its Snapdragon 800-fueled performance to the chance of staying current with the latest Mountain View has to offer with respect to its mobile OS, the Nexus 5 promises the moon… and delivers to a large extent. In fact, it actually made us reconsider our price-based classification slabs for smartphones due to the price-performance ratio it offers. But even if you think it’s not for you for some reason, there’s no doubt that it holds the potential to change the game not only for its rivals, but for anyone looking to buy a capable smartphone without robbing a bank. The Nexus 5 has its share of issues and some of them may even be deal-breakers, but if you don’t have it shortlisted when you’re on the hunt for a trusty daily driver, you’re doing it wrong. Here goes…
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