Google Nexus 5 official accessories listed at the Play Store

Google has introduced three official accessories for the Google Nexus 5 smartphone. These accessories include, Bumper Case, QuickCover Case and Qi wireless charger. These accessories are to help protect and charge the new Nexus smartphone, without any wires. Bumper Case and QuickCover Case are listed at the Google Play Store for Rs. 2,499 and Rs. 3,299, respectively. These accessories will be available to purchase at the Play Store in the coming days.


The first accessory, bumper case is different than the old bumper cases for the Google Nexus 4 smartphone which only covered the sides of the device; the new case covers the sides as well as the back of the phone too. It is made of a hard outer shell with a soft rubber lining. It weighs 19 grams and fits the Google Nexus 5 perfectly. It comes in grey, yellow, black and red color choices.

The second accessory is a Quick cover case for the device. It is a bumper case along with a flap attached to it in order to protect the display. It comes in black and white color choices and weighs 39 grams.

The final accessory is a new Qi wireless charger which is not just limited to the Google Nexus 5. According to The Verge, the wireless charger will also work with Google Nexus 7 2013 too. It is shaped like an upside down trapezoid, and it comes with magnets to allow the users to stick their devices on its flat surface. Qi wireless charger is currently not listed at the Google Play Store. Google has announced that the latest edition of the Nexus smartphone will be available to buy in India pretty soon for Rs. 28,999 (16GB model).
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