Google Mobile Ads Now With ‘Hyperlocal’ Feature

Google is rolling out a new ‘hyperlocal’ advertising feature for mobile ads.  According to a Google Mobile Ads blog post, Hyperlocal distance information is automatically enabled for location extensions and does not require any additional configurations, allowing you to perform hyperlocal advertising with your existing location extensions. It enhances the location extensions ad format with a marker providing the distance between the user and your business location. Hyperlocal_Distance_Enterprise2 “This visual cue instantly helps customers who are on the go and close to a point of sale know that your business is nearby which can drive more traffic to your store and generate more revenue for your business.” Users see the hyperlocal ads only if they’ve opted into sharing their location on And because the hyperlocal distance feature is built on top of location extensions, users can also click to see where your business is located on a map and click to call and connect with your business immediately. Campaigns must also be opted into showing on iPhones, Android OS phones or other mobile devices with full Internet browsers. The ad format is available only on the Google search network and in countries supporting location extensions ad formats.  Advertisers are only charged when users click to visit the website or on the phone number shown in the ad. “Google is committed to expanding the possibilities of mobile local advertising by developing innovative hyperlocal ad features powered by robust location-based ad serving. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in hyperlocal advertising from the Google Mobile Ads team,” posts Surojit Chatterjee, Google Mobile Ads product manager.

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