Google Maps app for iOS under final testing now

Google is conducting a test on a pre-release version of its mapping service for Apple’s iOS devices. google maps for ios According to a report published on Wall Street Journal, Google is in the final stages of completion of its software ahead of delivering it to Apple. The software is already undergoing testing beyond the employees of Google. It is expected to contain turn-by-turn navigation, just like its Android counterpart. This feature was one of the main negotiation points between the two companies, which led Apple in developing its own personal maps software. The WSJ news comes just two days after Nokia claimed that it too has developed its own maps offering for iOS. It has been dubbed as Here Maps and will compete with Apple’s mapping app. Google stated that it wanted to make Google Maps available to everyone, irrespective of device browser or operating system. Apple unveiled its maps app first time at its annual developers’ conference in June this year. The hype was made when Apple showcased its maps app also contains 3D view of select cities. Apart from the good points, the software has come under heavy negative criticism after the launching. It was equipped with some major errors related to the accuracy of some of its data and other lapses. Apple apologized for it and promised to improvise. However, the company is yet to execute. Google presently has in its kitty, some 24 applications on iOS. It has Web browser Chrome for iOS, Gmail and Google Earth too.

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