Google makes its document editing app Quick Office free for Android and iOS, along with 10 GB Google Drive storage for limited time

QuckOffice brings native support for Microsoft Office formats to Android and iOS, and also integrates with Google Drive.

There are multitude of document editing apps available on smartphones in both free and paid forms. However, very few of them offer complete functionality to be able to replace Microsoft Office which we’re so habitual of using in our computers. That’s why, not only small companies, but even tech giants like Microsoft and Apple are developing apps which can solve user’s document editing woes. Microsoft announced its Office 365 app for Android and iOS platforms last month which required Office 365 subscription, and Apple with the launch of iOS 7 revealed that its document suite iWork will be free for all.

Now, Google has responded back to them by making its QuickOffice app for both Android and iOS users. Google has acquired the QuickOffice company last year in July, but up until now it costed $14.99 for smartphones and $19.99 for tablets. But, now when the app is free, it becomes a great option for those looking for document viewing and editing capabilities in their devices. The app supports viewing of  documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and renders charts flawlessly. It also offers the capability of creating .ZIP files. The updated app also dons a new icon.

Coming from the Google stable, the app also integrates very well with Google’s cloud storage solution Google Drive. If you need any more reason to use this app, then Google is giving 10 GB of additional storage for two years to users who download the app and sign in before September 26. The additional storage will be added in the few weeks.



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