Google Inventory leak Surfaces, 32 GB Nexus More Likely In The End Of October

Google flagship Nexus 7 will hit the market in a new model of 32GB version. The news went viral after a screenshot produced by the developer at Android system, which is supposedly denoted, an access in the inventory system of the British retailer Carphone Warehouse. It is noted that the popular Nexus 7 tablet is only available in 8GB and 16GB versions, but according to new leaked report, the scenario will be soon changed in October. Google_Nexus_7 On Thursday, a screenshot went viral from British Carphone Warehouse, depicting Nexus 7 tablet in a 32GB flavour, alongside another popular tablet of Samsung Galaxy 2. However, the date of release of both gadgets is still to be confirmed, but sources say it would be released in the last week of October. According to Android Police, all three listings have same set of numbers including matching UPC. There is no image but it is invariably evident that it’s a Nexus 7. The listings have also showed the price tags of $269 and $272.18 for the gadget. Moreover, there is evidence to ship within the next two weeks. The features are still intriguing but according to a placeholder description, the 32GB model will showcase Bluetooth 2.1 instead of 3.0. Google so far hasn’t given any official response to the leaks, though this wouldn’t be the first time Carphone Warehouse inadvertently leaked a new gadget. For example, in August, Samsung got in a wrong foot when a black version of Samsung Galaxy S3 was unveiled in a similar fashion. The demand of 32GB version of Nexus was in a long anticipation, and with this news, certainly it will give a hope to fans. However, people who want to buy the device for as low as $100 will be disappointed because Asus has denied a 7 inch “entry level” Nexus tablet. So, it is clearly evident that the new Nexus would cost more than the expectations of fans.
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