Google introduces Play Newsstand app bringing Google Currents and Play Magazines together

Google Play Newsstand merges free and paid subscriptions for newspapers, magazines and websites.

In a bid to make it easier for users to be updated with the articles on their favorite newspapers, magazines and websites, search giant Google has launched a new app dubbed as Google Play Newsstand. The app is a combination of its Google Currents and Google Play Magazines service. It also goes beyond articles and showcase pictures, audios, and videos, as well.

While Currents app allowed users to subscribe to any website and read its articles in a simplistic interface, Play Magazines gave users the option to have paid subscriptions for magazines. However, none of these apps allowed users to have paid subscriptions for popular newspapers like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and others. Google aims to fill this gap through the new app.

Play Newsstand app will work in both smartphones and tablets and the content will be scaled according to the screen size. The app supports offline functionality, which means that the articles can be read even when users are not connected to internet. Users can also bookmark the articles to read them later.

Google Play Newsstand 1

Though, the magazines and newspaper subscription will be only available in the countries where Google Play Magazines was available to download (US, Canada, UK and Australia). This means that users in India will only be able to subscribe to websites only through the app.

Google Play Newsstand 2Google Play Newsstand 3Google Play Newsstand 4

Google Play Newsstand app is currently available for Android devices (Download link) or Google Currents user will automatically get a prompt to download this app. It will also be released for iOS devices later.

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