Google+ Hangouts on Air Android application now lets you video chat with 9 friends

Google-Hangouts-on-Air Google has launched a brand new feature for the Google+ app on Android, called Hangouts on Air that lets the Google +user video chat with up to 9 friends simultaneously. The tech giant has released this exciting feature for Android devices across the globe. The Google+ Hangouts on Air app was announced last year but at that time, it was available only to select celebrities and important people like the Dalai Lama, for interacting with their fans and followers. The feature was very well received and gained a lot of popularity worldwide, making Google release the feature for all Android devices globally. The ‘Hangouts on Air’ is a Google+ application that serves as a one- stop solution for all the Google services such as the public timeline and the Gtalk service. Using Google+ Hangouts on Air, you can connect with any of your friends who has this app installed on his Android device. One major drawback of this application is thee compatibility issues raised by it- the application requires Android v2.3 Gingerbread and newer to be able to run properly. Rest assured, the Google+ Hangouts on Air application seems to be a pretty cool feature and is guaranteed to give you an amazing mobile hangout experience with your entire bunch of friends. If you wish to try out this application, simply go to the Google Play Store (formerly the Android Market) and download the updated application. Once you install the application on your Android device, you are all set to start your hangout!
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