Google Glass is redesigned with prescription glasses support and mono earbud

Google has announced that it is going to launch a new version of its smart and connected eyewear, Google Glass. The search engine giant stated that the developers and testers who have bought their device before October 28 2013 will get a one-time chance to exchange their eyewear for the new one. Google glass is now redesigned with better looks along with new added features.

The latest edition of the Glass is having the support for the prescription glasses and sunglasses frames, as promised earlier by the company. Google has also added a mono earbud to the smart eyewear, which plugs in the USB port present on the device and goes in the user’s right ear. Other changes in the Google Glass are not visible from outside. Google is expected to reveal the changes in a detailed document pretty soon.

“We’re counting on you to get Glass to the people you think will make great Explorers. More Explorers means more feedback, and more feedback means better Glass,” said Google in a Google+ post. Recently, the company announced that the existing users of the eyewear from the Explorer program will be able to invite their three friends to join the program. Google is extending the invitation-based access to the Google Glass. People who will be invited by their friends will be able to purchase the Glass online and can have it shipped right away.

Google Glass Previous Edition In related news, a Google Glass explorer in California was fined to wearing the eyewear while driving. A cop stopped the user and gave a ticket for wearing the device while driving a vehicle. All the legal issues related to wearing the Glass in public etc. will be sorted out before the device goes public.

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