Google Glass at MWC 2013

Many great things are discovered by accident. While employees and representatives are usually guided and often inspired to wear and use their Company’s creations, some really manage to do so in a simplistic way that captures the attention of a few roving eyes. 1280-google-glass-photos5 This particular employee happened to be exploring through the Mobile World Congress, with a pair of glasses on, having distinct design. This glassware, called Google Glass are more than just spectacles with an extra feature, and is actually high-tech glasses using which you can record and broadcast things you are looking at. Now that is uber cool, new age, bigger than Bond stuff. This new pair won’t be found available for sale just yet. The Google Glass takes on a command to start recording, which sort of takes away the secretive appeal of being discreet, since most equipments responding to command need to be literally coerced into performing the function. So once the command is acknowledged the video is fired up and recording happens from a tiny camera over the eye. The oddity is that there is a light that flicks over the right eye of the wearer, which is more uncomfortable for the viewer, not the wearer as the latter wont even notice it. However these glasses do have a certain amount of creep factor, since a white light suddenly appears in exactly the place where a person would see the eyeball of the glass wearer. So it isn’t the trendiest, non-obvious pair that are out in the business yet, however they are different and will garner interest. This brings in a bonus too, that the Company wont be battling to validate this product amid fury over privacy violations, since a person can tell when the recordings are ongoing. So, there is little to strike swords over. There is no announcement or any hints from these spectacled employees, however, it may emerge a few tweaks and finalizing later.

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