Google Docs Goes Mobile Without Edit Function

Google has launched the mobile version of its popular Google Docs. Google Docs Viewer —  the on-the-cloud word processor that lets you preview online PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations — is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. images“Last week, we announced that the Google Docs viewer supports .doc and .docx attachments,” blogged Mickey Kataria, a Google Docs software engineer.  “Today we’re also releasing a mobile version of the Google Docs viewer for Android, iPhone and iPad to help you view PDFs, .ppt, .doc and .docx files you’ve uploaded to your documents list, without needing to download the file.” But, the fact is that there will be no edit function in this mobile version; and will only allow the user to read and explore documents via pinch-and-zoom and pagination. You can try it out by going to on your Android-powered device, iPad or iPhone and select any document in these formats that you’ve previously uploaded.

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