Google Chrome: Suggestions For Improved And Better Scrolling

We personally, unanimously love Google Chrome. It is good for a wide range of functions. However, scrolling with the mouse is not the most fun experience. Scrolling is one of the most important of things when using the internet, it determines speed and accuracy. Since Google Chrome does not provide a smooth scrolling experience, this creates a lot of hindrances. Google Chrome A common problem when using Google Chrome is that when scrolling down the page the page jerks down in a step like manner rather than in a smooth fluid type of way. It may sound like not much, but rest assured it does pose a major problem while reading large documents. So to negate this problem, the Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller steps in. This is a Chrome extension which adds more control while scrolling increasing the speed as well as making it more smooth. It even smoothens out scrolling using the keyboard. After installation, all you have to do is refresh the page or just  the tab alone which is already open or you could simply restart the browser. Further you can custom set the settings to make your mouse move in the exact way that you want it to. Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller brings in a wheel icon onto the browser, which is on the right end of the address bar, using which you can access options. Through these options you can adjust the Step Size which is to set how far the page scrolls per roll of the mouse wheel, Smoothness which is basically the speed at which the scrolling goes, or in other words the fluidity or motion, and Acceleration Sensitivity. Test these changes immediately without having to restart the browser, so you can tweak the settings till you have reached your level of scrolling comfort. This extension will most certainly make you feel the difference, and it makes perfect the Google Chrome browsing experience.

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