Google 3D maps released for iOS

Ahead of Apple to come up with its own 3D maps on its iOS platform, Google has released 3D version of its Google Earth app for the new iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S now. Google's neato 3D city view now comes to iOS Google Maps in 3D was first demonstrated in June, few days before Apple said of ditching it from its mobile and tablet infrastructure for its own maps. The new Google 3D Maps allow users to see city landscapes and images in 3D and take virtual tours of places. The user interface works via swipes as it is optimized for touch. Presently there are fourteen regions in 3D such as Boston, Portland, Santa Cruz, Tucson, Charlotte, Boulder, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area, and the Web giant to add more and more 3D cities in near future. Google said it hopes of covering cities covering around 300 million people. Google launched the same service in June for the Android platform. The Google 3D maps will only work for the new iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S as dual-core SoC with a dedicated graphics processor is the minimum feature required to run this app. Do share your experience with the Google 3D maps if you have used it either on your iDevice or Android device in the below comment box.

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