GoDimensions to launch two new apps this season

Development of any kind is associated with learned, mature individuals of a ripe age. Rarely do we come across young talents who exploit resources like online learning and availability of software to create something innovative and useful. Software development has a wide spectrum and the opportunities and creativity are limitless. App development compliments mobile product launches, and sometimes even augments them where they fail to deliver up to specification. App developers are cropping up everywhere and platform big wigs like Apple, Google, BlackBerry and Nokia are encouraging of developers to increase their app quotient. godimension sanjay shravan Apps are popular because they are educative, useful, fun, increase utility and add features to the phone. Sometimes we browse through many apps that we feel we could improve upon. Two brothers, namely 13 year old Sanjay Kumaran and his younger sibling of 11 years Shravan Kumaran have decided to join the app creation world. They have formed a company called GoDimensions. The Company’s objective includes more than just app development and in its prospects is tablet manufacture. The brothers have said that they are striving to create the worlds thinnest and fastest tablet which they have called ‘Go Sheet’. They are already known for apps like Catch me Cop, Prayer Planet and Color Planet and their apps work on both Android and iOS platforms. Figures show than there have been over 20,000 downloads from over 42 countries. Tech2 spoke to these young talents and here’s what they had to say about building apps, basic programming and what they look forward to do in future. The brothers said, “We knew programming and were doing some small programs.  When we got mobile and were playing games with it. Our dad told us why you don’t develop games than playing them. That got us started with app development,” both say in unison. When asked about how they go about things they informed, “We both work seamlessly. We used to both work on the same app and one will then pick up from where the other left.  But we are thinking we should probably have each of us working on either one platform either iOS or Android.  With respect to decisions and apps, we both decide together.  Some time we develop a mock to convince each other.” These two brothers also have a social agenda. They intend to create lifestyle apps suited for senior citizens and also apps that record environmental data like pollution levels of a given place. Another interesting app that is on their to-do list is an app to held visually challenged folk become independent using infrared rays. At present the brothers, Sanjay and Shravan are in the final stages of development of two apps due to launch soon. They have not given us details on what these apps (GoMap and GoCard) are about but they are confident it will do well. When asked about how they manage their time between school and homework schedules the duo expressed their difficulty in finding time to complete their creations, especially since it is just the two of them working on these apps. They also said that they worked very hard through their December holidays.

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