Go read: The first Google reader clone is here

I can’t just stop using Google reader. I am using it till now and every time I refresh the feeds, my heart sinks to fear whether this refresh would display my fresh feeds or a good bye message. Its not that I am a loyal fan of Google, its just I haven’t yet got the best Google reader alternative. I am so accustomed to its look and feel that my eyes aren’t ready to accept anything else. I haven’t yet shifted to another readers because of the hope that I will get something suitable before the original reader dies. Seems I got one. Go Read (goread.io) is a web based app developed (not by a company) by web developer Matt Jibson. Its an open source feed reader with considerably similar looks to the Google reader, clean and simple. The app performs most of the basic tasks performed by Google readers including Keyboard shortcuts. Though it misses the search function but since its an open source project, we can just hope to see it going better with time. goread-all Shifting to it isn’t a mess. Just login with your Google id or upload an OPML file. I am shifting to it as of now, what’s your take?

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