Gmail Search feature updated. Searching through size, data added

Now Gmail users can search their messages by size. Google has enhanced the Search function of its email service. It has been extremely enhanced, in fact. gmail android The Search feature now contains more flexible date options, exact match, and other parameters, says a software engineer at Google. Christian Kurmann further says in an official blog post that now emails of 5MB or of larger size can be speedily identified by using the operator ‘size:5m’ or ‘larger:5m.’ Year old emails can now be retrieved by entering ‘older_than:1y’ in the search box. Email tends to be lengthy. Moving over between viewing older emails for reference, saving the present email as a draft, and searching for an email note can be very irritating and tiring. To overcome this trouble Google introduced last month the redesigned compose feature on Gmail. Composing an email becomes easy and quicker now as the compose box opens as a chat window in the below-right corner. With this design, it is now possible to keep the compose box open, and yet look for older emails for reference. On typing search queries in the search box one can view updates from Google Drive, Google Calendar and other related services. This is a part of a field trial currently under way. Those operating this design will now be exposed to view relevant Gmail messages and other shared links. Google currently updated its Google+ app for Android as well as iOS devices. Google may be preparing an update for Gmail for Android as well, which will be version number 4.2.

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