Gmail app upgraded to v1.3 in iOS devices

images (1)Google have recently upgraded its Gmail app for iOS devices to version 1.3. This upgrade will better serve your web surfing needs. Google first announced about it in its official blog where it claims that the new version of Gmail will feature better animation, graphics and controlling. People using the ipad and iPhone devices will feel better responsiveness in this new app. The upgraded Gmail app will function lot more smoothly. All sorts of things will be served in the app in a better manner. The scrolling concerns of the people will also be taken care of in a better manner. You can now better scroll and hold the picture attachments and stuffs like that. The Gmail app empowers you with a better bug fix environment. The upgraded Gmail app will fully support Apple operating system. Google has really done a hard job in upbringing this upgrade. You will definitely love to hang on with this app for hours. Google regularly updates its e-mail app in order to keep it compatible with the changing trend. This Gmail app will work on all the devices running on iOS 4+. Though the Gmail app on iOS is not that advanced in comparison to the Android one, but still you can hang on with it. Google definitely has lots more to offer you. The detail specifications of the app can be learnt from its official site. So just hang on with the same and enjoy a smooth e-mail experience with it.
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