GL10 Instant Mobile printer

Polaroid pioneered the instant photography concept long back. You snap a picture and the device immediately spits out a printed copy of the snapshot. Polaroid now wants to bring this instant printing or on-demand photo printing to mobile phones or bluetooth enabled devices. In partnership with Lady Gaga, Polaroid has launched a new product line called Grey label products. First up in the product line is GL10 Instant mobile printer. GL10 is powered by ZINK technology which basically eliminates the need for the ink. GL10. Take a look at the product picture below. polaroid_gl10 GL10 weighs just 15 ounces which allows you to easily slip in the device in your back pack. Today, more digital photos are locked up in mobile phones and smartphones. Downloading those pictures to the computer and then printing is a hassle. With GL10, all you need to do is to hook up your mobile phone wirelessly through bluetooth connection and print your happy moments on the 3×4″ ZINK paper. You can also connect GL10 instant mobile printer with digital cameras, windows desktops or MACs using USB cable. ZINK is a company behind the innovative inkless printing technology. ZINK has made the on-demand digital color printing true. Since there are no ink cartridges or print heads, the size of the printer literally comes down by 75%. ZINK printing requires specially designed papers called ZINK Papers. ZINK Paper contains three layers of specially designed dye crystals protected by an overcoat. The printer will house a micro heater that will activate the dye crystals as the paper passes under the print head. It’s interesting to note that ZINK Paper is both durable and water-resistant! GL10 Instant Mobile printer will be available from May 2011 and will be priced at $149. The price of the ZINK papers are not announced yet. Without knowing the price of ZINK paper it is hard to comment whether it is a viable gadget or not 🙂

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