Get Sony Smartwatch in India by June end

Sony-SmartWatchYour wait for Sony’s latest SmartWatch is over as they have announced the launch of this cool accessory in Indian markets by June end. The base price of this Sony Smartwatch has been set at 6,299.00 INR. Sony has announced about the Smartwatch earlier in January this year. Most of the people are pretty unsure about what exactly this Smartwatch offers to them. Basically, it will serve as a micro display for the Android Smartphones. This gadget directly gets sync with your Android phone by which you will be able to pick up calls, send and receive SMS, check your notifications on social sites, email, etc. The crazy look of the Smartwatch with different colorful strips will make your wrist look more stylish. The OLED display of the Smartwatch will reduce the glare and increase the clarity of your display. Well Sony has not restricted its use for the Sony phones only; you can sync it on any phone. You can access various Android apps on the Smartwatch as well. It will not make you feel the boredom. After a long time of the release of MBW-100 Bluetooth watch, Sony has again jumped into the watch market. This time Sony SmartWatch is going to get a stiff competition from Pebble e-Paper watch. Pebble e-Paper watch has all the basic stuff along with e-link display. It is a heavily funded project by Pebble technology. Sony Smartwatch has an edge over it on the pricing. So, check out the replica of this Smartwatch and select the best one according to your interest.
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