Get ready for Triangular and weird shaped Tablets and computing devices!

Eric Calisto came up with this weird concept of Triangular Tablet in a US television show called “The Office”. He thinks that Apple owns copyrights and patent rights to any design that is rectangular in shape 🙂 So, to avoid being sued in future, he came up with this funny design. But what started off as a joke, might well become a reality. Thanks to – an online destination where people can pitch their ideas and raise funds from normal people like us! If Calisto ends up making a triangular tablet, it will become the most unusual tablet ever created.


Keeping aside the fun factor and weirdness quotient, if you look at the tablet from a practical point of view it is hard to think of any usecases. This form is definitely not suitable for reading or browsing or emailing. This form is definitely not plausible for holding in hands easily. This form might solve esoteric needs that requires aesthetic appeal 🙂 So, soon you can start seeing people designing circular tablets, trapezium tablets, diamond shaped tablets and tablets is different shapes. This might have some commercial uses, especially in retail. While the entire world dissects the idea, if you think this will make it big, go ahead and drop in couple of your pennies and help castilo to keep his dream alive!

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