Get old-school Windows interface on Android with XP Mod Launcher

Is it Android? No, it seems Windows. Rather it seems the old-school Windows that were part of our life for more than a decade in every Personal Computers. xp-for-android The XP Mod Launcher has come up with offering you old-school Windows experience on your Android devices. Yes, this seems to be absolutely perfect if you are by now tired and bored of Pure Breeze launcher. You get the look and feel of classic Windows operating system on your Android device with the XP Mod Launcher. At a fist glance the screen looks perfectly like Microsoft Widows XP without using the Microsoft Windows OS. Though the launcher may not appeal to some in practical, but it will surely allow you in exploring your file system as well as to open different file formats. The XP Mod Launcher even supports all the common file system operations such as copy, paste, cut and delete. After installing the launcher you an also tap “My Computer” and navigate the storage through the old Explorer interface. More to all these, you can also open another window and can be able to navigate through multiple folders. The classic task bar will of course stick to the bottom of the screen throughout. The launcher is presently in beta phase and is available on Google Play.

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