Get BroBot175’s theme to experience Metro UI on your Android tablet


Granted that Microsoft’s Metro UI may not be very flexible in the mobile customization front, however, it has its perks in terms of usability. Get this: the tiling system in the Metro UI consists of ‘Live’ tiles that update details constantly- Metro is definitely designed to be lightweight and user friendly. It goes without saying that the Android users were fascinated with the Metro and wanted to test how well this performed on their Android devices. Thus, developers started developing some ROM’s/launchers and released it in the Google Play Store. You can choose from plenty of options to get a Windows Phone theme for your Android device. However, we’ve been waiting for the Windows 8, Metro UI to grace our Android Tablets with its presence.

‘BroBot175’, a senior member at XDA Developers, put an end to our wait by releasing a launcher type UI for Android tablets, finally bringing the Metro UI to our Android slates. Essentially, it is just a theme that will transform your regular homescreen and notification panel into a Windows 8 styled theme. It only supports the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101, till now. Obviously, the devices need to be rooted before installing the skin otherwise flashing the ROM will not be possible. It is still in beta phase so expect some bugs in the system, but fixes are expected to be out soon. As usual, take a full back up of your device before flashing this or any other ROM, just in case something goes wrong.

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