Get Android on your Television

Google TV was the first android-based Smart Television platform in the market. Google TV had a custom software layer built on top of Android OS and Chrome Web OS. A German company called Hama has announced a similar offering in the IFA 2011 yesterday. Called as “Android TV Plus” or “Android TV Basic”, this product is a small black-box that contains all essentials such as 1GHz processor, 2GB Internal flash memory and Android 2.2 operating system pre-loaded. You can hook this android tv box to your existing television that has HDMI port and to your existing internet connection through LAN port of WiFi router. Voila, your television is now internet enabled!



You can perform all sorts of functions including internet browsing, chat, email, Document editing and processing, Listening to music, watching videos, View pictures and can even enjoy all android games and apps right from your giant television screen. The android box has expandable memory slot that allows you to expand the memory upto 32GB. The smart televisions are gaining popularity across the developed nations. Google and Apple already have a headstart in the smart television platform with their own Google TV and Apple TV Products in the market. The good thing about google is that it is making the platform open-source, so we can very soon expect lot of hardware players to launch android-powered smart televisions to the market!



Demo of Android-powered set-top box

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