Gateway NE56R02I Laptop Review

The Gateway NE56RO21 is a laptop that reflects professionalism with its build itself, with black borders and silver finish lid. The Gateway NE56RO21 is reasonable priced at Rs. 23,000. The laptop is suitable for those who are on a tight budget who want to experience the latest trend in gaming. The laptop is on the low budget scale, but is nevertheless designed with the latest technology trend of Intel Pentium B900 with 2GB of RAM. The Intel Celeron B800 series was introduced in early 2011, but the laptops manufactured in this category are still low, the latest laptop to launch in this series is the Intel Celeron B815 processor which is the Gateway NE56R021. Gateway NE56R02I laptop The Gateway NE56RO21 is equipped with Celeron B815 processor which is in the dual-core series with 2MB of L3 cache. The system is designed with Intel HD integrated graphics and Intel Virtualization Technology. The Intel Pentium B900 functions at super high speeds. The Celeron B840 has the best versatility that functions at 1.9 GHz, the Celeron B815 functions at 1.6 GHz. The Pentium B900 series functions at 2GHz. The low priced laptop is offered with reduced features with Bluetooth and USB 3.0. The other features have been minimised in this system are the amount of RAM and hard drive capacity. The NE56R021 is offered with 2GB of RAM and 320 GB hard disk. The hard drive capacity offers sufficient features to use basic applications efficiently. With this system you can upgrade the RAM or hard drive which is fitted behind the removable panel. The NE56RO21 is equipped with a large 15.6-inch screen display with numeric pad keyboard. The keyboard is of good quality with flat keys. The keys are fitted on function keys, which is a different method to design keys for media player control, Wi-Fi, brightness and so on. The advantage of hotkeys is applications can function effectively with just one touch. Short cuts can cause hassles, when used extensively you would have to press three keys, such as [Alt] +[Fn]+[F4] to shut down a window. The touchpad functions smoothly with two buttons and vertical scroll button to the right distinguished by thin line and tiny arrows. The speaker grille is located above the keyboard and functions through the entire segment of the laptop. Besides the USN ports, the system is equipped with a DVD-writer, Gigabit Ethernet port, D-sub port and HDMI port in one segment for efficient access. There is a card reader on the front left, besides the indicators for charging status, hard drive functions and Wi-Fi. There is a webcam fitted in the center of the screen frame which is the dominant feature of the entire system make-up. The NE56RO21 is inserted with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic. The overall design of the laptop is simple, but the laptop has powerful interior processes. The lid is designed with graphic black with pristine glossy finish and remaining exteriors are decked with classy black. The screen also has a remarkable glossy finish.

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